Made in America

Hooray for the red, white and blue!!  At Lizzy G’s, buying American made products has always been our priority.  It came from Grandpa, a proud WWII vet.  “Buy American Made” he would preach to us and we would roll our eyes.  But then the automobile industry faltered and the steel industry, for whom Grandpa worked, went away and we began to get it.  It isn’t a simple issue from the standpoint of consumer or retailer, but at Lizzy G’s we are proud to say that we seek out those products made in the USA that have both quality and value.  And there are more and more of them each day!  Hooray for the red, white and blue!!!! We encourage you to make it your first choice, too. Grandpa, we finally get it!


Matte Gold and Green Earrings
Regular price $39.00
Matte Gold and Fuchsia Earrings
Regular price $33.00
Matte Silver and Blue Earrings
Regular price $39.00
Pave Disc Bracelet
Regular price $98.00
Futuristic Earrings
Regular price $95.00
Flat Open Butterfly Bangle
Regular price $75.00
Bridge Bracelet
Regular price $95.00
Cable Drop Earrings
Regular price $74.00
Stone Filled Faith Cross
Regular price $54.00
Stone Filled Wisdom Cross
Regular price $56.00
Open Bow Cross
Regular price $35.00