There’s no place like home for the holidays...but how we define home varies for each of us.  There are so many people in our family and so many special friends that “home for the holidays” means simply gathering together some place.  Christmas Eve is usually spent with each of us attending services at our various churches followed by Christmas Day shared together at one of our homes.  Thanksgiving rotates but is often at Kathy’s and New Year’s Day is great fun at Peg’s around her game table.  Summer holidays are usually spent at Gigi’s around her pool.  Whatever defines your family and whatever makes it special for you let our holiday decorations add to the fun!


Bride's Ornaments Collection
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Santa's Furry Friends Ornament
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Jack-o-Lanturn Mini
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Gingerbread House Mini
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Nativity Ornament Collection
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Welcome Home Ornament
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The Wedding Heart Ornament
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Texas State Flag Ornament
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State of Texas Ornament
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Revolver Ornament
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Jingle Bell Santa Ornament
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Jeweled Cross Ornament
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