Candles & Scents

Liz and Peggy are our candle girls.  “I don’t think I’ve ever been to Peggy’s home when there wasn’t a candle burning.  It always smells wonderful!” says Ginger, “and Liz, too, has a great feel for scents.”  At Lizzy G’s all candles go through our two candle lovers.  We strive to only bring the best.  Stop by and sniff for yourself or choose from our online favorites.  You won’t be disappointed.


Tree Bark Candle
Regular price $30.00
Nest Fragrances Bamboo Classic Candle
Regular price $42.00
Nest Fragrances Bamboo Votive Candle
Regular price $16.00
Moroccan Amber Classic Candle
Regular price $42.00 Sold Out
Moroccan Amber Votive Candle
Regular price $16.00
Classic Soy Votive
Regular price $8.00
Farmhouse Chic Candle Urn
Regular price $35.00
Park Hill Sweet Tea Candle
Regular price $30.00
Calligraphy Small Match Bottle
Regular price $18.00
Calligraphy Large Match Bottle
Regular price $25.00 Sold Out
Money Candle
Regular price $12.00
French Room Diffuser
Regular price $68.00