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Capucine De Wulf (Juliska)

Earth Goddess Necklace - Teak & Pearl

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What began as a passion project, has grown into a fully-fledged and beloved sister brand to Juliska. Our collections are inspired by Capucine’s experiences, musings, and life philosophy, featuring symbolic designs laden with meaning and created in striking materials. 

The power of three. Perhaps Cicero put it best when he declared, “omne trium perfectum,” meaning, “everything that comes in threes is perfect,” and we couldn’t agree more with this stunning necklace composed of an uncommon harmony of contrasting elements that is as captivating as it is interesting. A union of earthy teak wood, luminous pearls and gleaming gold links is a bit of town and country and classic, all united into one divine statement piece that goes beautifully with absolutely everything, from day to night. Length includes 2-inch extender.

Measurements: 20.0"L x 0.9"W x 0.5"H

Made in: India