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Mova International

Blue/Silver 4.5" Mova Globe

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The award-winning MOVA® Globe inspires wonder and relaxation. Expertly crafted to simulate perpetual motion, the luxurious MOVA® Globe comes to life in ambient light, providing therapeutic calm with its silent rotation and adding interest to any space with its dynamic balance of classic form and contemporary style. Handmade in a variety of captivating collections, the MOVA Globe reinvents the very idea of a globe, offering a compelling magical experience never before imagined in a decor piece. Contemplate the full beauty and possibilities of our world with the MOVA Globe.

MOVA ® Creations represent the highest level of expertise in technology and science to simulate perpetual motion with ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field. With each one built to last, MOVA® Creations require detail, precision and craftsmanship in every aspect of development.

The acclaimed MOVA® World Maps Collection captures the legacy of maps as valuable sources of knowledge while adding a new dimension of wonder and appeal. Featuring a diverse assortment of maps ranging from antique finishes and classic relief depictions to contemporary metallic displays, this collection of rotating world maps bridges the traditional and the extraordinary to keep you thinking globally about the world. MOVA® World Maps are perfect to accent any desk, tabletop or large space.    

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