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nest fragrances

Wellness Eucalyptus & Mint by Nest Fragrances

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Create a serene space in your home by immersing yourself in the essence of wild mint, eucalyptus, basil, and Thai ginger, an aromatic blend designed to clear your mind and awaken your senses.

Available Products

  • Reed Diffuser: Expertly crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils, it releases an awakening scent slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 90 days, delivering continuous fragrance, uninterrupted. The intensity and reach of the fragrance can be customized based on the number of reeds used.
  • Candle Set: This candle duo lets you make wellness a priority from morning to night. During the day, Wild Mint & Eucalyptus clears your mind and helps you focus with an awakening blend of wild mint, eucalyptus, basil, and Thai ginger. In the evening, when you are ready to unplug and unwind,  Driftwood & Chamomile prepares your mind and body for a restful slumber with a tranquil blend of chamomile, driftwood, sandalwood, and vanilla bean. Each candle 30-40 hours