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Saturday Silks

Twilly Scarf

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100% double sided 16mm silk twill with hand rolled edges

35in x 35in

Perfect sizing to wear as a wrap scarf top or shawl

Designed in Houston, Texas

This is an officially licensed product. 


University of Texas: Texan boots and spurs, Hook 'Em hands, a classic Texas cowboy hat. Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, and Texas Yellow Roses.

Texas Tech: Red Raider cowboy boots with spurs, Gun's Up hand, a West Texas armadillo, and a lucky horseshoe. Prickly Pear Cactus, Texas Lantana bush, and little Daisy flowers. 

Texas A&M: Aggie boots, Gig 'Em hands, the traditional Aggie Ring. Bluebonnets (blue and maroon), Texas yellow Roses, and Indian Paintbrushes. 

University of Houston: The UH hand sign and a pair of flags- like the ones that are run down the field at football games. Classic bluebonnets and yellow roses, along with crisp white magnolias which are prominently found in Houston. 

Oklahoma University: The "There's Only One" hand sign, a traditional Sooner Schooner, wagon wheels, and horseshoes. Colorful bunches of mums, Indian Blanket and Indian Paintbrush flowers, and a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher- the Oklahoma state bird. 

LSU: Cajun crawfish, Mike the Tiger, Fleur de Lis. Louisiana Irises, Magnolia Flowers, Black-Eyed Susans. 

TCU: TCU boots, Go Frogs hands, a mighty horned frog, and Riff Ram megaphones. Bluebonnets, Texas yellow roses, and bundles of iconic TCU tulips. 

Ole Miss: The Walk of Champions arch with a lush Magnolia tree. A Landshark fin and handsigns. The Grove trashcans, a Flim Flam pennant flag, and a Double Decker bus.

University Arkansas: Old Main building, Wooo Pig megaphone, Ozark mountains silhouette
Pine trees, branches of apple blossoms, hidden hog tracks.

Astros: An astronaut crossing a shooting star over Texas, the iconic Astrodome, and both space shuttle and rockets blasting off. Traditional Texas elements like boots, oil derricks, armadillos, and a waving Texas flag.

Lone Star State: A Texan's favorite flowers: Bluebonnets, Texas Yellow Roses, Indian Paintbrushes, Black Eyed Susans, and a spikey Prickly Pear Cactus. An armadillo at night over an oil derrick hill singing Deep in the Heart of Texas.