Teen's Gift Set

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This set takes us back a few decades to our teen days where plumeria body spray made us feel so grown up! This set is made in small batches in Kentucky! 

Set Includes: 

  • Plumeria Soap Bar: Crafted with a lot of love and a bit of fun, our hand poured, cold-processed soap is made in the USA using natural ingredients for a rich and lathery experience. Cleanse and moisturize with the Caribbean scent of Plumeria. Make every wash fresh and fun!
  • Plumeria Body Spritz:  Shake!  Spray!  Shine! Bolli & Fritz Body Spritz is enhanced with all-natural glycerin to revitalize your skin, uplift your mood, and let you shine inside and out! Layer on the tropical, floral scent of Plumeria anytime!

  • Plumeria Shower Fizzers: A shower for every mood: An energetic pick-me-up? Party prepping? A moment of tropical bliss before a busy day or relaxing at the end of one? Infuse your shower with the floral, tropical scent of Plumeria! Unwrap one Shower Fizzer, place in your soap dish, and sprinkle with water to immerse your shower in the awesome scents of Bolli & Fritz! Our Shower Fizzers fit your attitude, whatever that may be each day. Each jar contains (6) Shower Fizzers for a week of awesomeness.