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Teaspressa Cocktail Cubes

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Make instant mimosas, cocktails, lattes, and mocktails! Everything you need to make your favorite drink — from syrup, to flavor, and even garnish — is packed into a single, handcrafted sugar cube so you never have to settle for second best again. Available in 6 or 12 packs. 


  • Peach: A sweet rendition of all natural peach with cane sugar that makes for the most exciting champagne experience!  An all natural sugar cube, fused with sweet peaches and made locally. These cubes feature a captivating classic peach taste!
  • Lemon: What goes better with tea than a fresh squeezed lemon and a dose of sugar?! The Lemon sugar cube can make that perfect scenario with a drop of one cube in your tea!  Let's not also forget that a bright lemon flavour goes well in sparkling water, sparkling fruit juice to add that lemonade touch, in a glass of cold iced tea to make the infamous Arnold Palmer, and even champagne! This classic tea flavour is making a come back in a new refreshing way! 
  • Manhattan: Drop one cube into a shot of bourbon to make an instant Manhattan! 
  • Mojito: Drop one cube into a shot of white rum to make an instant Mojito.