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Spirit Tailgate Totes

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Reduce the damaging effects of plastic bags and waste added to landfills. Bring your own bag!  Our all-purpose recycled plastic tote is great for grocery shopping, packing a picnic, great for kids stuff, and athletic activities. 

Handed By products are all braided by hand. We believe it is important that Asian customs and customs are respected. We do not work with cold production factories, but with the craftsmen themselves. We offer permanent work to approximately 300 qualified craftsmen. Most craftsmen are women who work from home. After the work on the fields is finished or when the children are at school, additional income is generated by braiding Handed By products. At home, with their husband, together with the neighbor on the porch or with a group of weavers in a central room in the village.

• Handmade with recycled materials
• 70% Recycled Plastic
• Environmentally and socially responsible
• Cleans easily with soap and water
• Lightweight and versatile
• Stand-up structure. Easy to load and unload. Perfect for shopping tote, beach tote, or reusable grocery bag
• Durable weave pattern
• Tote measures 11″ H x 12 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ D