Protectors of the Rainbow Game

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Spark kids’ imaginations as they pretend to be unicorns, racing to find hidden glow-in-the-dark gems in this glowing treasure hunt game! Play indoors or outside. Use as a game or a glowing, rainbow night light after a long day of play. As everyone knows, Unicorns protect the skies. What people don’t know is that Leprechauns are greedy, mischievous creatures – and now they’re at it again! They’ve stolen all the colors of the rainbow and now it’s up to the Unicorns to make things right again. Includes: • One Cloud Light • Five Removable Cloud Gems • Six Leprechaun Power Cards • All Required Batteries for Gameplay (Night light function requires 4 AA batteries OR USB cable) For ages 4-10 and 2-7 players.