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Lux Laundry Care by Mixture

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Make your laundry time more enjoyable with our new Lux Laundry Care by Mixture! Made in the USA!

Luxury Laundry Wash: Safe for most fabrics & allows you to be close to your favorite scent day & night. Laundry at its Best – for use in High Efficiency or Traditional machines! 32oz. Naturally Scented. Approx. number of loads: 16-32. Highly Concentrated. 

Wool Dryer Balls with Fragrance Oil: 100% New Zealand Wool. Three Count. Extra Large. 2oz Fragrance Oil included. Reduces Static & Drying time. Naturally softens Fabric. Lasts approx. 1,000 laundry loads. 

Egyptian Cotton: Freshly Laundered. Clean ozone supported by modern wood accord. Musk on the finish. 

Black Pepper: Strong black pepper oil, vetiver, bergamot and musk round out this rich and exotic blend.