Jewelry and Accessories by Grit & Grace

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Grit & Grace is a coastal chic gift company that recognizes the beauty in nature and works hard to preserve the environment through oyster recycling, sustainable production practices, awareness campaigns, and educational outreaches.

Due to the natural nature of the shells used, each piece will vary greatly. The pictures are examples of the style of the piece. 

Available Products:

  • Oyster Trinket Dish: Depending on the time it spent in the sea, the size, shape, and shade of this oyster has been uniquely crafted to hold your rings, earrings, or any small knickknacks that need safe keeping. Hand-picked, hand-painted, and hand packaged with an ocean of love, the Gold Oyster Dish radiates as a piece of the shore right in your home. The regular Gold Oyster Dish is packaged in an eco-friendly box, nestled in 100% recycled paper crinkle, and opens to reveal: “The World Is Your Oyster!”
Available with or without text (The World is Your Oyster) on the dish. 
  • Long Oyster Necklace: The Golden Tide collection is a symbol of Lowcountry living at its finest. Handpainted to resemble the impression of the tide on the shore, then delicately affixed to a pearl wire wrapped chain, these beautiful oyster shells remind us to harness serenity and grace in the ebb and flow of each day.
  • Adjustable Grit Bracelet: The Grit Bracelets are worn in the rough and tumble waves of life, or the smooth waters of beautiful times, there to remind you that you’ve got the grit that it takes to bring out your pearl. Simple, elegant, and each stone unique, wear it alone or pair it with others. 
Bracelet will come with either a pearl or a druzy charm.