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Inflatable Dinosaur Bowling

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    • Giant inflatable dinosaur bowling game for indoor or outdoor use, perfect for play dates and family barbecues
    • So many ways to play: roll, throw or kick the ball to knock over the pins; run through the dinos to knock them down; or use them to accompany imaginative pretend play
    • Includes 6 inflatable dinosaurs (3 green, 3 brown, 12½"W x 30"H) and 1 colorful inflatable ball (20" diam.)
    • Durable dinosaurs with weighted bottoms and a pointy tail have blazing eyes, a toothy grin, and tiny arms and hands
    • Skill-building play: improves hand-eye coordination and encourages good-natured competition and sportsmanship
    • Pump not Included
    • Ages 4 and up.

    Look out—dinosaurs have invaded the bowling alley! But these friendly fellows mean no harm; they just want to add some ferocious fun to backyard play. Our Giant Inflatable Dinosaur Bowling Set adds super-sized fun to a family-favorite game. With blazing eyes and a toothy grin, these inflatable dinosaur friends with weighted bottoms and a pointy tail seem to be saying, "Don't hit me!" with their tiny hands and arms.

    Set up the 6 large dinosaur bowling pins (30"H) in your backyard or basement; and roll, kick or throw the 20" multi-colored, inflatable ball for an afternoon of strikes, spares, and good old-fashioned fun. Your kids will be improving hand-eye coordination while engaging in good-natured competition amongst their siblings and friends. But don't stop at bowling: there are so many ways to play with this set! Get out the stopwatch to see who can knock down all 6 dinos in the shortest amount of time; compete against a friend and knock down opposing colors; or just use these Jurassic buddies to accompany imaginative adventures and pretend play! Inflation required. 

    Our Giant Inflatable Dinosaur Bowling Set is great to have on hand for birthday parties, backyard picnics, and summer barbecues.

    Dinos: 12½"W x 30"H
    Ball: 20" diam.