Illustrated Light by David Clack

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Colorado Nature Photographer, David Clack, created the Slate Pics idea in 2009. Having sold larger framed prints in galleries for many years, David wanted to provide an affordable presentation of his work for everyone to enjoy.

After many attempts, David was able to perfect the process of presenting a giclee print on natural slate. From protecting the print with a UV protection to the hanging system, many different processes were explored. He wanted to ensure the product would endure for many years of enjoyment.

All our Slate Pics are on a oxidized porcelain. A lot of research went in to finding just the right look for the porcelain.

Available Sizes:

  • 13x13 (can be shipped)
  • 20x20 (cannot be shipped)
  • 16x24 (cannot be shipped)

Available Designs:

  • Summer Cardinal 13x13
  • Bluebird 13x13
  • Oregon Sunset 13x13
  • Bluebonnet Field 13x13
  • Lighthouse 13x13
  • Reflection 13x13
  • Winter Cardinals 13x13
  • Reflecting Mountains 16x24 (cannot be shipped)
  • Ocean Sunscape 16x24 (cannot be shipped)
  • Bluebonnet Field 20x20 (cannot be shipped)