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Honeyed Grapefruit by Beekman 1802

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Touches of guava and red grapefruit leave a sparkling sweet scent.

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Orange M: Lemongrass, Jasmine, Apple

Bottom Notes: White Woods Essential Oil: Litsea, Orange

Goat Milk Benefits: High in Lactic Acid (natural exfoliant), Rich in Fatty Acids (softens skin), Same PH as our Skin (keeps bacteria away). 

Available Products:

  • Whipped Body Butter: Spoil yourself with this divine combination that melts into skin, leaving you velvety soft and smelling of red grapefruit, guava, and lemon blossom. Whipped body cream comes in an 8 oz jar.
  • Hand & Body Wash: Creamy goat milk, guava and grapefruit join forces to deliver moisturizing suds that gently cleanse and hydrate, leaving skin feeling soft and smelling sweet. Hand & Body Wash comes in a 12 ½ oz bottle.
  • Pure Goat Milk Lotion:  Though we’ve become nose-blind to some farm smells, we hope to always be able to smell the refreshing scent of this lotion. Hydrating touches of guava and red grapefruit leave a sparkling sweet scent, while restorative shea butter ensures lasting moisture. Lotion comes in a 12 ½ oz bottle.
  • Hand Caddy: Inspired by the mock orange hedge that lines the Beekman property, this citrusy lotion and hand wash caddy set infuses dry hands with a burst of fresh moisture. Specially blended sparkling white nectarine and nourishing honey deliver optimal hydration and moisture.
  • Goat Milk Hand Cream: Even if you’re not a farm hand, you may get farmer’s hands. Rejuvenate hard-working skin with our formula of hydrating goat milk and jojoba seed oil. A luxurious hand cream that's brightly scented with notes of grapefruit and guava. Available in a 3.4 oz tube or a 2 oz tube. 
  • Goat Milk Soap Bar: Goat milk, grapefruit, and exfoliating guava leaf combine to create a soap that's soft in texture and brightly scented, giving your skin a natural glow. Full-sized bar soaps are 9 oz.