Friendship Blossoms Book and Blossom Bunny

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Big sister Blossom is a busy bunny who loves taking care of her family and friends, especially her pal Bao Bao Bear. Beautifully illustrated board book with a sweet story of friendship featuring our favorite Blossom Bunny.  Size: 7" x 7", 16 pages

Blossom Bunny Plush:  Blossom is the oldest of three, and she’s busy as a bunny can be. Super soft white nibble fur with velour features.  Dressed in her favorite pink TuTu.  Hand embroidered face and pink cheeks. Blossom is a classic stuffed bunny with a bit of flair that is sure to be loved by all!  Size: 7” tall, 100% Polyester, Surface Wash