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Freshcut Paper

Freshcut Paper Flower Bouquet

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Show someone you care with a warm arrangement of Freshcut Paper. With a flat envelope and enclosure card included, just add 3 stamps and mail your Freshcut Paper bouquet! Your kind heart can now be expressed with a vibrant bouquet that skips over the need for the harmful chemicals used in commercial flowers. Easy to please, they require no water or maintenance to keep them thriving. Happiness shouldn’t have an expiration date, so let these blooming beauties continue to bring smiles throughout the coming years

Nearly 80% of fresh cut flowers are imported into the United States traveling thousands of miles. To be kept fresh, they need to move fast and be kept cool. That means airfreight and refrigeration - both huge contributors to climate change. A Pop-Up paper flower standing bouquet. While not meant to replace fresh flowers on the most special occasions, these can be an everyday flower that lasts. Something to add color to a room or a smile on someone's face.