Handcrafted Earring Collection by Holly Yashi

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Since 1981, Holly Hosterman and Paul “Yashi  have been making quality, handcrafted artisan jewelry in their studio in Arcata, California.  Holly Yashi’s signature style of colorful and lightweight niobium metal is still what makes Holly Yashi jewelry unique and irresistible. Featuring an array of inspiring materials, including Swarovski crystal pearls, Bohemian and dichroic glass, and hypo-allergenic metals, all jewelry is crafted by hand in small, high quality batches, one piece at a time.

Base Material:  Niobium metal, Swarovski crystal, dichroic glass.



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Available Products:

  • Meridian Earrings: Natural stone beads and hand-hammered metal meet in the middle of our Meridian Earrings for a fun and flexible look. Two-toned hoops are a prime combination of sophistication and free-spirited style. DETAILS: • Silver overlay • Turquoise • Bohemian glass • Sterling silver ear wires • 2 3/4" l. x 1 1/2" w.
  • Brooke Earrings: Crafted in a modern, weightless silhouette, our Brooke Earrings feature a unique spade-shaped canvas of artfully hand-colored niobium. Suspended from a carefully hammered precious metal wishbone design, these earrings are have heirloom potential to span decades of fashion. Details: • Niobium • Gold overlay • Gold overlay ear wires • 2 1/2" l. x 1 1/8" w.
  • Meadow Earrings: Soft fields of meadow grasses and wildflowers are artfully rendered on our delicately simple Meadow Earrings. A single crystal drop bead provides an elegant accent. DETAILS: • Niobium • Bohemian glass • Sterling silver ear wires • 1 3/8" l. x 5/8" w

  • Blooming Lotus Earrings: Ancient symbols of purity, the serene lotus petals in our delicate Blooming Lotus Earrings glisten majestically as they dangle and catch the light. DETAILS: • Niobium • Bohemian glass • Sterling silver ear wires• 1 1/8" l. x 3/8" w.

  • Desert Spring Earrings: A plume of glistening crystals and beads cascades from the edge of a niobium bank, painted with leaves of lush fauna found at the site of a dreamlike oasis. Our Desert Spring Earrings make a refreshingly cool addition to your wardrobe, swaying gently to cast prisms of sparkling light and soft watercolor palettes. DETAILS: • Niobium • Swarovski crystal and crystal pearls • Aquamarine • Freshwater pearls • Sterling silver ear wires • 3 1/4" l. x 1 3/8" w.
  • Ginkgo Drop Earrings: Cultivate a tranquil mood with our Ginkgo Drop Earrings. Once seen, never forgotten, the distinctive fan-shaped leaves impress an enlightened vision of color and design on innovative cuts of feather-light niobium. DETAILS: • Niobium • Gold overlay ear wires • 2 1/4" l. x 3/4" w.
  • Garden Whimsy Earrings: Our fan-shaped Garden Whimsy Earrings deliver the perfect touch of "make believe" in a flourish of bright bold color. Expert artisans make magic happen adding texture and depth, creating a lush vignette of nature at its peak. Available in Teal or Sage. DETAILS: • Niobium • Gold filled ear wires • 1 1/2" l. x 1 1/8" w.