Copper Art by Timberlane Studio

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Founded in 2015 by artist Kami Strunsee, Timber Lane Studio was started as a means of using art as healing. After the death of her grandfather, Kami found feathers of all varieties. Intrigued by the natural beauty of these gifts, she developed a technique to create a cold-formed copper feather. Kami researched feather symbology and was amazed to find that different cultures found feathers to hold special meanings to those who found them. As an artist looking to connect with others, she discovered the feather to be a unifying symbol throughout humanity. Expanding on this concept, each copper feather is as unique as the person it calls to.
Just like we are, no two pieces are ever the same. That simple idea blossomed into a growing handmade business, and has expanded to include other copper artworks with the intentional aim to inspire— each piece is created to help buyers to heal from loss, motivate, encourage, or spread positivity.
Kami and her small creative team create each piece from start to finish. No molds dies, or stamps are ever used. Our mount boards and wood are locally sourced, reclaimed when possible, cut and stained by hand. Oxidations and metallic finishes are painted on each piece individually, and then sealed.
It is the hope of TLS to allow customers to have meaningful unique pieces that serve as a beautiful reminder of the gifts the world gives us if one cares to look.
Feathers are 12" l x 3.5" w x 2" h
Crosses are 5.5" x 11" x 2"
Wedding Feathers are 12 x 5.5
Dragonflies and Bees are 10" l x 10" w x 2" h
Available Designs:
  • Luxe Metallic Copper Feather: available with Angels are Near, Faith, Everything is Possible
  • Neutral Oxidized Feather: available with I am Enough, Faith, Gratitude
  • Blue/Teal Oxidized Feather: available with Be Still & Know, Rise Up, Faith, Courage
  • Teal Dragonfly: available with You were meant to fly, We only part to meet again
  • Blue Dragonfly: available with You were meant to fly
  • Queen Bee
  • Wedding Feathers: May the wings of your love never lose a feather
  • Remembrance Cross