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Colored Foaming Body Wash/Shampoo

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Foam-ol-ogy is a 3-in-1 Shampoo, Hand and Body Wash for kids, teens, and adults who refuse to grow up! This fun foaming sensory play bath toy comes in eight colors, each associated with a valued character trait. Foam-ol-ogy provides the opportunity for parents and children to discuss the meaning of these traits, creating bath time into a fun learning environment! 5oz

Made in the USA, our products are manufactured and produced in a pharmaceutical environment to ensure product quality and integrity. Every formula is tested to assure that every consideration is taken to protect and care for children.

Beyond the natural ingredients that are designed to nourish even the most sensitive skin, Foam-ol-ogy introduces a unique, child-friendly ingredient combination that makes your child's hair and skin healthier.


  • Honest Blue
  • Persistent Pink
  • Creative Teal
  • Kindhearted Purple