Apollo 237---RETIRED

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By Houston Llew. Each Spiritile is carefully handmade using a series of intricate stencil techniques. From the beginning, Houston’s vision for his enameled artworks drew from the beauty of simplicity. He sought after an imagistic theme for his work rather than pursuing the abstract often seen in other enameled wall art. The image is just the beginning - each piece is paired with a quote around the sides to create an inspiring story through words and images in glass.

Handmade in Atlanta, GA.

This Limited Edition Spiritile to to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of NASA's moon landing! 

"Pioneer the future for the benefit of all." - NASA

Houston Llew will donate all of their proceeds from this Spiritile to the National Math & Science Initiative, which is dedicated to advancing STEM education among military children and raising the next generation of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.