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Two different women in two different states at two different stages in their lives brought together with one dream, one faith and one family to create one very special store: Lizzy G’s Fine Gifts.

“Looking back, it was always a work in progress” admits Ginger (also known as G or GiGi), “All the phone conversations we would share as Liz worked her way through college and the corporate world always came back to ‘if I had my own shop…’  There were dozens of scenarios through the years.  They seemed like pipe dreams, but God never ignores our dreams.  That’s why we chose the dragonfly as our icon--to remind us all to follow our dreams!”

“Our whole family is a part of this adventure.  Who knew we already had so many pieces of the puzzle within our own family?!” continues Liz. “We have someone who is knowledgeable in commercial real estate and construction, someone in business and finance and someone in marketing to guide us along.”  Even Liz’s brother, Matt, a graphic designer, is a big part of the mix.  “And everybody else keeps us covered in prayer and love and encouragement--lots and lots of it!”

And family continues to be a huge part of Lizzy G’s.  Besides the Ginger and Liz, Ginger’s two sisters, Peggy and Kathy (Liz’s Mom) and her daughter-in-law, Beth, can all be found at the store working.  “Actually, all of our employees come to feel like family,” says Ginger, “we just pull everybody into the party and we’re loving every minute of it! Even our husbands show up at Christmas time to work!”

Ginger and Liz are a great complement to one another, with two viewpoints and styles they create a great balance of products from the trendy to the classic.  Liz, the extrovert, is drawn to the fun, “in the moment” products and Ginger, the more introvert, loves the classic, sometimes nostalgic items.  It’s a good balance of yin and yang from start to finish with faith and family driving the party truck!

In our store as in our lives, faith is the cornerstone.

“Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.”         Psalms 90:1