houston llew

Grandma was an artist.  In fact, all of her family were creative.  Painters, wood carvers, musicians--they all had such natural creativity and talent.  Perhaps that’s why we value the creative spirit so much.  Almost all of our art and decor come from a single individual or small group of artisans.  A few are represented on our website; many more in the store. Check them out.  Grandma would be proud!


Spiritile- Piece of Me 247
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Houston Llew Spiritile- Nurture 248
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Spiritile-Tandem 250
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Apollo 237---RETIRED
Regular price $150.00
Spiritile-Lucky Find 227
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Spiritile-Chrysalis 228
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Spiritile-Fresh Ride 229
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Spiritile-Euphony 230
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Spiritile-Take Off 164
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